NYGE Rules

With any festival we have to have a few RULES to make sure you’re safe and having a great time. Please take the time to read them before you arrive at our residential, as they contain important information about permissions, eligibility and data protection. They will be explained to you in greater detail when you arrive on the course.

Pack/wear clothes that you can sensibly play your guitar in.
Learn your music – you will receive your part in advance.
Make sure you obtain specialist musical instrument insurance.

Be on time (always).
Be kind and friendly to other students.
Attend and join in all timetabled events and meals.
Be attentive and respectful to the ensemble/conductor during rehearsals.
Look after your belongings and the school.
Stay in your bedroom after bedtime and remain quiet.
Sign in/out and register as required by the NYGE staff.
Tell a member of staff if you feel unwell at any time.

Disrespect the NYGE staff at anytime.
Leave the campus or course venue unless with permission.
Smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.
Have any kind of sexual contact with another student.
Bring or buy knives, weapons or toy guns.
Swear, fight or bully.
Post any disrespectful or abusive comments/footage directed at NYGE or to staff on any social media site.
Photograph, video, post footage/pictures online of any student(s)/ staff without their permission.
Drop litter, chew gum or bring food/drink to rehearsals (excludes water).
Use any electronic devices, e.g. mobile phones/games consoles, during rehearsals or after lights out.
Practice before 8am or after lights out.
Damage school property.
Steal or shoplift.
Use fire alarms or fire escapes, unless in case of an emergency.
Go into the accommodation of the opposite sex at anytime or swap bedrooms.

The NYGE staff act ‘In Loco Parentis’ throughout the course. Should they consider any student’s behaviour inappropriate, action will be taken. Normal steps in any disciplinary procedure are:
– Verbal warning from the director, who will inform all NYGE staff.
– Written warning from director, who will inform all NYGE staff and your parents/guardians.
– Extreme action taken could result in your dismissal from NYGE and all future NYGE projects.

NYGE reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any NYGE student without reference to the above procedure. In this case, the parent/guardian will be expected to make early departure arrangements.

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