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About us

Guitar Circus is a charity that acts as an umbrella organisation dedicated to promoting events and activities that develop and nurture classical guitar education and performance throughout the UK.

The guitar is now one of the most popular instruments taught in the UK and for many children is their first experience of learning a musical instrument, thereby introducing them not only to the guitar, but the wider aspects of music in general. For most children this is an opportunity to merge creativity with the discipline of learning an instrument – key skills which will help them both socially and academically throughout their lives.

Currently there is very little scope for classical guitarists to experience the interaction and motivation of making music as a group. A core activity of Guitar Circus is to promote ensemble playing for young people through our participatory and inclusive events. These range from providing all guitarists with the opportunity to attend the World Youth Guitar Festival, to inviting young classical guitarists who have already attained an intermediate standard to play in the National Youth Guitar Ensembles across England, Scotland and Wales.

Why not take a look at our sponsorship page to find out more about how you, or your company, can help Guitar Circus to continue to deliver a wide range of vibrant events, challenging programmes and exciting activities for young classical guitarists.

Our charitable focus

Guitar Circus is also keenly aware that despite keeping fees to a minimum, some children will struggle to attend our events and so our bursary schemes are able to offer partially assisted places to those in financial need. To this end we continue to seek funding, sponsorship partners and donations to ensure that we can continue to support future talent in classical guitar education.

Guitar Circus is also in the process of developing a programme to help guitar teachers and educators by setting up a network with access to vital teaching materials, support from top professionals and opportunities to improve their own skills.

Our commitment to continuous development to guitar education is what makes us both unique and an important part of the future of classical guitar in the UK and abroad.

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