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Auditions for NYGE happen every June and July at three centres around the UK and cost just £30. You can apply to audition at any centre to study at any one of the UK ensembles. Auditions should be a positive experience and you will receive detailed feedback about your performance, whatever the result.

What should I expect?

There are two parts to the NYGE audition, a Solo Audition and an Ensemble audition:

Solo Audition 

Solo Audition First you will be asked to select one of two Quick Study pieces which you will then have 20 minutes to prepare. You will then play your chosen Quick Study to the audition panel.

You will then be asked to perform a Solo Piece, which should be the equivalent standard of Grade 5 or above. The piece should be no longer than 4 minutes.

Ensemble Audition

Ensemble Audition This ensemble will be formed from other applicants attending auditions on the same day. The NYGE Musical Directors will have the opportunity to see how well you respond to their coaching and this is the main focus of the audition day.

There will be two parts to this rehearsal, one piece will be sent to you to be prepared in advance, the second piece will be given on the day during the rehearsal. Whilst sight-reading naturally forms part of this ensemble audition, the emphasis is not on sight-reading, but rather on how you develop and respond during the session.

Everyone is friendly and wants you to do well, so do not be nervous!

Applying for an audition

You can use the form below to apply for an audition. Before you start your application you should have to hand:

  • A digital passport sized photo
  • Details of your most recent exam
  • Your current repertoire
  • School/college address & contact details
  • Current guitar teacher contact details

Application Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Audition dates, venues and deadlines

24th June 2018 for NYGE Scotland

  • Venue: Royal Conservatoire Scotland.
  • Panel: Helen Sanderson, Mike McGeary
  • Deadline: 1st June 2018


1st July 2018 for NYGE Birmingham & Wales

  • Venue: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Panel: Mark Ashford & Manus Noble
  • Deadline: 9th June 2018

7th July 2018 for NYGE Fellowship

  • Venue: Royal Over-Seas League.
  • Panel: Helen Sanderson & Gerald Garcia
  • Deadline: 9th June 2018

8th July 2018 for NYGE London

  • Venue: Royal Over-Seas League.
  • Panel: Helen Sanderson & Gerald Garcia.
  • Deadline: 9th June 2018

Applicants for NYGE regional ensembles must be aged 12-18 on 1st September 2018 and for the NYGE Fellowship must be aged 18-25 on 1st September 2018. All applicants will receive full details about their audition after the closing date.

Payment of a £30 audition fee is payable to GUITAR CIRCUS and must be received by BACS before your audition closing date to secure an audition slot.

Making a payment
  • Payment reference: NYGEAUD followed by applicants Full Name
  • Account name: GUITAR CIRCUS
  • Account No: 00015130
  • Sort code: 40-52-40

If for any reason you encounter problems with payment please do get in touch at auditions@guitarcircus.org.uk.

Audition Application Form

Audition fee paid by BACS on


Which Ensemble would you like to audition for?

Which venue would you be interested in attending monthly rehearsals at?

I confirm I can attend monthly rehearsals and both Easter and Summer Residential courses

If you have auditioned before please tell us for which ensemble and which year?

Applicant Details

First Name

Last Name


Address (cont)




Student Email

Student Phone Number

Date Of Birth

Number of Years Playing

Most recent practical exam grade

Exam Board

Current pieces you are studying (title - composer)


Parent/Guardian Details

First Name

Last Name

Contact Number



Relationship to Student



School Name

School Address

School Address (cont)

School City

School County

School Postcode/Zip

School Contact Number

Head Teacher

Music Teacher


Guitar Teacher

First Name

Last Name


Address (cont)





Contact Number

Applicant Supporting Comments

(Details about your performing experience, why you would like to join NYGE and what you think you would bring to the ensemble)

Teacher's Reference (Optional)

(You can add now or email to nyge@guitarcircus.org.uk )

Additional Information

Do you have any special requirements?

Do you require disabled access?

Additional Notes

Where did you hear about the NYGE auditions?


The applicant has read and accepts the Terms & Conditions.

Thank you!

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