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About NYGE

NYGE invites the most talented classical guitar students in the United Kingdom to audition for ensemble training and performance opportunities throughout the year. There are regional ensembles in England, Scotland and Wales for our monthly rehearsal schedule and there are residential courses at Easter and in the summer holidays for performance, workshops and lots more.

How does it work?

Auditions happen every year in June and July and are open to all classical guitarists aged 12 – 25 years, from grade 5 to post diploma level.  Following a successful audition students will be selected to attend one of the regional ensembles. Students studying at a higher level may be invited to join the Camerata Ensembles (usually for grade 7 and above) based on their audition performance. Existing students will need to re-audition if they wish to apply for the Camerata Ensemble.

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Financial Information & Assistance

NYGE asks for a contribution each year to the cost of your place in the form of fees. Fees in 2018/19 are £864 (or £72 by monthly payments) and have been subsidised by up to 25% by our parent charity Guitar Circus to make them more affordable and inclusive. This money covers the cost of residential accommodation costs, food at residential courses, rehearsal venues and much more.

NYGE UK strives to support students of all backgrounds and in cases of financial hardship we have a bursary scheme to provide assisted places. Further details about our fees and bursaries can be requested at auditions@guitarcircus.org.uk.

Our NYGE Orchestras

Twice a year all the ensembles get together at the holiday residentials to form large combined orchestras ; NYGE Orchestra, NYGE Camerata Orchestra and sometimes the NYGE Fellowship Ensemble if they are not touring. This is when  there will be opportunities for ensembles to perform and tour the UK and even abroad to showcase the pieces that they have been working on throughout the year.

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